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Conducting Board Meetings through VC Means

Conducting Board Meetings through VC Means

Conducting Board Meetings through VC Means

Important points to be considered while conducting Board Meetings through Video Conferencing (VC) or any other Audio-Visual Mode:

  • The notice calling the meeting must include an announcement that the meeting will be conducted through VC. The notice should also contain detailed procedure relating to how the Director can attend the meeting.
  • The scheduled venue of the meeting as mentioned in the notice convening the meeting is deemed to be the place of the meeting and all recordings of the meeting proceedings shall be deemed to be made at such a venue.
  • The Chairman should ensure that the recording of the proceedings of the meeting and the recording of the meeting should be stored safely for Audit.
  • The Company shall make all necessary arrangements to avoid failure of video or audio-visual connection.
  • On Commencement of Meeting the Chairman shall take roll call; where the Directors attending meeting through VC shall state the following points:
  1. Name
  2. The location from where the Director is participating

Board Meetings

  • Explicit agreement that the Director has received the agenda and all the relevant material for the meeting.
  • Assurance that no one other than the concerned person is attending or has access to the proceedings of the meeting.
  • After taking roll call the Chairman shall inform the attending Board of the names of persons attending the meeting, other than the Directors, at the request of the Board or with permission of the Chairman.
  • Every participant shall identify himself for the record before speaking on any item of the business on the agenda.
  • At the end of discussion of each agenda, the Chairman shall announce the summary of the decision taken on such item.
  • Chairman shall ensure that the required quorum is present throughout the meeting.