Track Record

Sectors catered to:

Over the years  C. S. Kelkar & Associates has been invloved in the formation of more than a thousand companies.  These are in the sectors like -

  1. Automobile
  2. Automation & Processes
  3. Construction
  4. Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
  5. Real Estate
  6. Financial Advisory
  7. Research & Development
  8. Manufacturing
  9. Trading
  10. IT – Services
  11. IT – Products
  12. Consultancy
  13. NBFC
  14. Education & Training
  15. Other Services

The Firm caters to a range of clients from among the various sectors above. These clients include closely held private limited companies, closely held public limited companies, unlisted public limited companies, listed companies, 100% subsidiaries of Foreign companies, joint venture companies, Section 25 companies, LLPs, Producer companies etc.

Services deployed:

Over the years that it has been in practice, the Firm has established an impressive track record by virtue of the wide spectrum of services offered and their successful deliveries. Besides the normal range of services deployed by the Firm, it has also handled major assignments in the areas of Amalgamations & Mergers, Hiving off of business ventures, Financial Restructuring, Management Restructuring etc.

A few milestone assignments handled by the Firm have been as follows:

Assignment: Financial Restructuring
Distribution of reserves to the shareholders, including NRI shareholders, in one go. A scheme under section 391 of the Companies Act, 1956, for financial restructuring, through confirmation of High Court.

Assignment: Financial Restructuring and Management change
Financial Restructuring  of  a listed company, through reduction of capital, converting loan into convertible preference shares, transfer of shares, change in the management etc.

Assignment: Reverse Merger
Case: A profitable company merged into a loss-accrued company to carry forward the losses, saving on stamp duty and transfer charges on the immovable property.

Assignment: Restructuring for family settlement
Case: De-merger of the business divisions & units to achieve a family settlement, saving taxes and stamp duty.  It being business reorganization, the benefits under the said hiving off  were in terms of zero capital gains on the assets transferred in to the de-merged company (all assets and liabilities were transferred at the book value to the resulting company), transfer of land plot with only minimum transfer fees, Stamp duty reduction, no generation of money for purchase of land plot, cash outflow from the entities involved kept to the minimum, amicable settlement of the dispute.

Assignment: Creation of subsidiaries and selling shares in them to collaborators
Case: In one of the more complex case handled by the Firm, the assets and liabilities of two divisions of a limited company were transferred to two different resultant companies. This could be achieved through a slump sale or through a de-merger. The original parent company would  be allotted equity shares in these de-merged companies representing excess of assets over liabilities. Thus it would hold entire the share capital of these hived off subsidiaries. In the future, the parent company would sell a part of its holding in the subsidiaries to collaborator/s.


Takeover of a Private Company
Causes and methods of takeover of a Private Limited Company.

Business Tool for Restructuring
Case Studies on implementation of Sections 391 To 394 of the Companies Act on Restructuring of companies.


During last 3 – 4 months there are various notifications issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) relaxing some of the provisions/ restrictions under the Companies Act, 1956.

In the first calendar quarter of F. Y. 2011-12 (April 2011 to June 2011), Board of Directors can meet to transact various businesses.


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